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We stand in solidarity.

We collectively mourn and condemn the recent killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and countless other attacks against Black individuals and communities across the country. The epidemic of police violence against persons of color and the ensuing loss of life is unjust and unacceptable. Police brutality is an issue of prejudice and discrimination, and is part of the larger public health crisis. Social determinants of health, including institutional white supremacy and personal bias, have profound impacts on health outcomes and disproportionately impact people of color. George Floyd’s death is further proof of this fact. Systemic racism, inequity, and violence are not confined to the fields of law or criminal justice — we must recognize them as public health and medical concerns that will impact the everyday lives of our future patients in unequal ways.

We, in training as the next generation of health professionals, firmly believe that we are accountable not only for providing exemplary care to individual patients of all races, ethnicities, gender identities, and backgrounds but also for leading the fight against the racial injustices we see. NSRN’s mission is to mobilize a network of health professions students to respond to COVID-19 and public health crises nationwide. Now more than ever, our growing network of over 5,400 volunteers must use our collective strength to demand that inequities against Black communities and communities of color are addressed and ensure that the health of these communities is supported throughout the pandemic and beyond. Police brutality and systemic racism are diseases of our society. The failure to recognize these atrocities as such is a failure to protect the health and wellbeing of our most vulnerable communities.

Just as we have come together to provide relief to communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we stand together in solidarity with the Black community. We understand, and support, ongoing protests nationwide, and encourage protestors to wear a mask while doing so to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19. We are committed to working towards justice, and plan to share the resources and information necessary for our volunteers to take meaningful action in the coming days.

Volunteer Safety is our Priority.

We at NSRN want to first and foremost thank you for joining our NSRN network. It is our pleasure to work with you, and continue working with you going forward.

We are writing to specifically address the events of the last week, in regard to George Floyd's murder, police brutality, and subsequent protests and curfews. Our highest priority at all times is our volunteers safety. In follow-up to these events, we advise all volunteers to use discretion when determining whether they can safely and effectively fulfill their volunteering duties during this time. If you are unable to do so, you are to immediately contact the organization with which you have been connected through NSRN. Furthermore, we have asked our partner organizations to consider road closures, curfews and other regulations that may impact your volunteering activities for the foreseeable future.

From this, we expect that while most volunteers may be able to maintain their commitments, there may be some volunteers who postpone their volunteer commitment until they feel safe. We at NSRN support you and ask that you communicate as you are able.

Please reach out to NSRN Leadership directly if you have any questions or feedback about this policy; you can do so by responding to this email or contacting our executive team directly at

Thank you again for your patience, and we look forward to working with you more going forward. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional tasks for which you need additional hands, and we will be happy to speak with you further.

About Us:
How We Work

  1. Health departments, hospitals and/or organizations submit a request for volunteers to field a task.

  2. Our Regional Coordinators query the tasks by their region and update the appropriate sign-up sheets available to our volunteers.

  3. Our NSRN volunteers sign up for tasks in their area and complete a volunteer consent form.

  4. Our State Coordinators confirm those who signed up have registered with NSRN and have completed the consent form before then connecting the organization with the volunteers via an email introduction.

Our Philosophy


To build a network of health professions students across the US for mobilization by their respective state and local public health departments and hospitals to support them in their COVID-19 response efforts and beyond.


As COVID-19 continues to spread across the US, hospitals and public health departments are faced with continual challenges in their responses. Namely, critical staff and PPE shortages threaten to derail the efforts of healthcare workers. Some states like Maryland and California have begun to call on medical, nursing, and physician assistant students to join state health corps and support the healthcare system. While many academic medical centers have access to robust student networks to support their systems in a variety of ways, many hospitals around the nation lack these resources. Moreover, with students returning to their institutions, we are eager to get them more involved in the continuing efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The National Student Response Network (NSRN) aims to field the volunteer needs of hospitals and public health departments and match them with nearby health professions students who are eager to help their communities.

NSRN is mobilizing our growing network of students in a way that is both impactful, and appropriate, to do just that.


Q. What is a "health professions student?"A. Great question! The "health professions" umbrella is broad and encompasses many different careers involved in health care. As of now, the NSRN includes health professions students currently enrolled in medical, nursing, physician assistant, and graduate public health degree programs. The inclusion of students pursuing these degrees, and not others, was made in accordance with the precedent set by states like California and Maryland who are already mobilizing students in their state. We have plans to expand our network in the future to include additional degree programs. We do not offer volunteer positions to undergraduate students outside of these programs.
Q. What makes your group different than the other student initiatives at med/health professions schools around the nation?A. While these school-based initiatives have been critical to the hospitals they assist, these initiatives are often dedicated to the hospitals affiliated with the academic institution itself. NSRN seeks to spread this access to health professions student volunteers to include hospitals that may not have official academic institution affiliations. Due to quarantine, many students have returned to their homes or other locations away from their academic institutions. By connecting them with nearby hospitals/ services, we can use this spread to amplify access to health professions student volunteers during this critical time.
Q. What are some appropriate ways for health professions students to volunteer?A. We support all students in our network in volunteering only in manners that are in alignment with their personal health and safety. The vast majority of volunteer position requests will likely involve no patient contact. While student volunteering roles will ultimately be outlined by the institutions in need, we've come up with a few potential roles that health professions students might be qualified to fulfill, including calling patients with COVID-19 lab results or offering childcare for busy physicians. Roles available for health professions students may vary based on various factors including educational and clinical experience, but these differentiations will be left to institutions' discretion in describing the role needed to be filled. Our model for providing aid is intentionally flexible, and meant to be a reflection of what hospitals and health departments need in real time. We welcome feedback and suggestions that introduce new volunteer opportunities and keep our student volunteers safe!
Q. Given the low nationwide supply of PPE, how will student volunteers be protected?A. As described above, the vast majority of volunteer position requests will likely involve no patient contact. This is intentional, as it will allow hospitals to preserve their PPE for the frontlines healthcare providers to need it most. We also require all students to complete a waiver consent form prior to volunteering. In accordance with this waiver, student volunteers are expected to comply with federal, state, and local hospital regulations to ensure their safety. Our service is to match students with opportunities; accordingly, students and host organizations assume all risks for any injuries related to their participation. (disclaimer)
Q. How can I get involved?A. We invite everyone to follow NSRN efforts in real-time on Instagram and Twitter! Additionally, Health professions students interested in volunteering should visit our "Health Professions Students" page to sign up. You will receive weekly emails with more information about nearby volunteer opportunities, leadership positions available and more. Hospitals & Departments with the need for volunteers to field various tasks should visit our "Hospitals & Departments" page to submit your task inquiry. Our leadership team will begin working to pair you with nearby volunteers. Interested faculty or potential partners should email us at We highly value a diverse advisory panel and partnerships to best address the needs of our field.

Other Resources

VOLUNTEER CONSENT FORMClick HERE to access the volunteer consent form. Volunteers must both become an NSRN member and complete our volunteer consent form prior to participating in any NSRN volunteer opportunity.
FULL WEBSITE DISCLAIMERWe function purely as a volunteer contact information clearinghouse, connecting local and state health groups with local health professions students. We are not liable for negligence on the part of anyone participating in this network. We do not and are not able to fully vet students who sign up to be part of our database for their licensures, education enrollments, clinical capabilities, or other skills and qualifications. Likewise, we are unable to fully vet host organizations for licensure, insurance, or compliance with medical standards or relevant laws. All parties are expected to perform due diligence before assigning or accepting any clinical responsibilities. Further students should exercise good judgement and not perform volunteer work without all necessary PPE. Students and host organizations assume all risks for any injuries related to their participation. Students and host organizations acknowledge and accept this by signing up for and participating in our network. All students who are part of NSRN are not acting as representatives of their respective schools but rather as independent volunteers, that includes the executive board, regional coordinators, and state coordinators.

Our Team

The National Student Response Network (NSRN) is a grassroots effort - led by health professions students, for health professions students. Meet the fantastic team of over 110 health professions student leaders nationwide working on our COVID-19 response efforts nationwide!

All students who are part of NSRN are not acting as representatives of their respective schools but rather as independent volunteers, that includes the executive board, regional coordinators, and state coordinators.

Executive Team


National Director

Apurv Hirsh Shekhar
MD Student
Yale School of Medicine

Chief of Staff

Camryn Thompson
MD Applicant
Duke University Trinity College

Director of Strategy

Joel Bervell
MD Student
Washington State University

Director of Operations

Nikki Barrington
MD/PhD Student
Rosalind Franklin

Director of
Student Engagement

Danielle Uibel
DO Student
Touro COM

Director of Partnerships

Jessica Gillespie
MD Student
University of Wisconsin

Director of
Community Engagement
and Health Equity

Jasity Rush
PA Student
University of Florida

Director of
Data Analytics

Salahuddin Nasir
MD Student
American University of Antigua

Director of Marketing and Communications

Urja Merchant
DO Student
Campbell University SOM

Director of

Amanda Zhang
MD Student
University of Oklahoma, Tulsa

Board of Directors

Jalen Benson
MD Student
Harvard Medical School

Terence Hughes
MD Student
Icahn SOM at Sinai

Alexis Gutierrez
MD Student
Harvard Medical School

Samantha Sadler
MD Student
Harvard Medical School

Guiding Advisors

We are honored to have incredible advisors and faculty collaborators in our corner. If you would like to join our team, please contact us.

Dr. Nancy Oriol, MD

Dr. Lachlan Forrow

Dr. Lachlan Forrow, MD

Dr. Lachlan Forrow

Dr. Fidencio Saldaña, MD, MPH

Paul Flowerman, MBA

Dr. Jeffrey Wang

Dr. Jeffrey Wang, MD

Regional & State Coordinators

State Coordinators manage outreach and communication with hospitals and health departments within their respective US states.
Regional Coordinators oversee and advise the efforts of their State Coordinators, ensuring a cohesive response nationwide.

For the quickest response to your inquiries, please contact your Regional Coordinator below.


Sindhu Gollamudi
Regional Coordinator

CT Caroline King
DC Sabrina Sadeghian
DE Vamsi Matta
MD Tej Ganti
NJ Travis Adamson
NY Spencer Perry, Hannah Roach
PA Alyssa Ayala, Alicia Lawler
VAWhitney Hewitt


Collin Nadarajah
Regional Coordinator

AR Sean Corcoran
IN Chamathi Abeysiriwardana
KY Jack Newcomer
OH Lois Rotuno, Timmie Dong
MO Sangami Pugazenthi, Grace Huang
TN Priyanka Dharampuriya, Aaron Garcia
WV Jennifer Ramos


Shannon Zikovich
Regional Coordinator

IL Julia May
MI Shiv Patel, Jess Sassic
NE Naomi Samuel
WI Kate Stark, Ashley Holt

Mountain West

Taylor Slaney
Regional Coordinator

MT Samantha Kropp, Marilee Schaner
ND Heather Kaluzniak, Carissa Klarich
SD April Walnofer

New England

Jasmine Gale
Regional Coordinator

NH Grace Solomon, Trenika Williams
ME Hannah Martin
MA Hilary Giles
RI Aneeqah Naeem
VT Alexa Rosenthall


Shirice Lesane
Regional Coordinator

AL Lauren Gould, Eric Decker
FL Omar Cadenas, Lauryn Reid, Amber Hannah, Field Palmer, Mark Miller, Nicole Laureano, Michael Kelson, Sareen Ahmar, Hera Jamal, Penny Bowser, Chris Musgrove, Lashea Johnson
GA Emily Hartlage
MS Chandler Nail
NC Will Pohlman
SC Alexis Gregorio
LAAlli Siddiqui, Danish Siddiqui


Scott Lee
Regional Coordinator

AZ Joseph Ishak
NM Anabela Esteves, Myranda Elwell
NV Joanna Castro, Evelyn Navarro
OK Robert Walker
TX Amber Song, Nkemjika Nweke, Megan Nguyen
UT Ivy Christofferson


Neema Shah
Regional Coordinator

AK Jennifer Sheasley
CA Ghassan Farah, Ivy Song, Sara Toulouie
HI Kandace Ota
ID Rory Cole
OR Kailee Bond
WA Ridhima Ohri

Administrative Team

National & Outreach Coordinators

Elizabeth Schaff
National Nursing Coordinator

Brennan Shands
National Nursing Coordinator

Steven Kurtz
National Physician Assistant Coordinator

Celena Ho
National Pharmacy Coordinator

Lashea Johnson
National Remote Coordinator

Zar Kotlarsic
National Remote Coordinator

Camryn Thompson
National Strategy Coordinator

National Strategy Coordinator

National Red Cross Coordinator

Shanice Walcott

Susan Zelasko

Chair of the NSRN Alumni Association

Social Media

Michael Carte
Social Medial Lead

Social Media Team: Jinye Liu, Soumajit Kundu

Contact Us

For the quickest response to your volunteering inquiries, please contact your Regional Coordinator.

For media inquiries and all other inquiries, please email our Executive Team.

For all other inquiries, please complete the form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Health Professions Students

We seek to connect health professions students in medical, nursing, physician assistant, or graduate public health degree programs with volunteer opportunities that fill the needs of their nearby health institutions. As our program expands, we will continue to update health professions students who join our network.

We invite everyone to follow NSRN efforts in real-time on Instagram and Twitter!

JOIN OUR NETWORKComplete our survey below to join our network of over 6,000 health professions students - and counting! We send out weekly update emails with more information about volunteer opportunities to come.

SIGN UP FOR VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIESOnce you join our network, you will receive weekly emails with access to sign-up sheets managed by your state and regional coordinators. Click "Sign Up Info" below for more instructions.

SPREAD THE WORDClick HERE for samples of GroupMe/ message and email templates to share this survey with your health professions network. Join the movement!

GET IN TOUCHFor the quickest response to your volunteering inquiries, please contact your Regional Coordinator. For media inquiries, please contact For all other inquiries, please contact us below:

State & Local Health Departments, Hospitals & Volunteer Organizations

Are you a state or local health department or hospital in need of volunteers? Our rapidly growing network of over 6,000 health professions students in medical, nursing, physician assistant, and graduate public health programs are eager to assist you.

If you have a task for which you would like us to connect you with volunteers from our health professions student network, please complete the form below. Once connected, your institution will be able to formally onboard our volunteers to your institution's standards (disclaimer). We will be in touch as soon as possible.

NOTE: Please anticipate a formal response in 3-5 business days. Further delays may occur during our first few weeks. Contact your regional coordinator if you need a more prompt response.


  1. Health departments, hospitals and/or organizations submit a request for volunteers to field a task.

  2. Our Regional Coordinators query the tasks by their region and update the appropriate sign-up sheets available to our volunteers.

  3. Our NSRN volunteers sign up for tasks in their area and complete a volunteer consent form.

  4. Our State Coordinators confirm those who signed up have registered with NSRN and have completed the consent form before then connecting the organization with the volunteers via an email introduction.


Generally, NSRN health looks to field short-term, more finite tasks so that our volunteers can fill immediate needs. This also ensures volunteers can commit fully to a present task in the face of our ever-changing schedules during this time. However, we do make exceptions -- so please contact us with any questions!

EXAMPLES: As your institutions care for our nation in this time of great need, task-shifting various (perhaps non-clinical) roles may help alleviate the burden on essential personnel/ providers, administration and infrastructure. Here are a few examples of tasks for which your institution may consider utilizing volunteers:

TelehealthRemote screening; calling patients with COVID +/- lab results; coaching patients through COVID-19 self-swab tests; etc.
Capacity & LogisticsInfrastructure set-up of additional beds/expanded ICU capacity; Ventilator set-up, testing, & distribution; PPE distribution & triage; Blood drive coordinator; etc.
Healthcare Worker SupportGrocery shopping/ delivery; child care; child tutoring; etc.
Patient Education & Support Grocery shopping/ deliveries for elderly and immunocompromised patients; weekly social stimulation phone call check-ins with geriatric patients; hand washing education; etc.
Experience-Required RolesLab technician to help with testing, etc.
And much more! 

Health Professions Students:
Sign Up Info


OVERVIEW. The links to sign up for volunteer positions fielded to us by state departments, hospitals, and other organizations around the country are in our NSRN Weekly Emails. Your state and regional coordinators will update these linked sheets daily with opportunities as they come. Sign-ups are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. NSRN volunteer opportunities are open only to NSRN members. 
SIGN UP INSTRUCTIONS. On the weekly email, (1) find your region, and click on the appropriate button/ link. (2) Select the corresponding tab for your state at the bottom of the sheet. (3) To sign up for a volunteer opportunity, scroll to the right and fill out the appropriate cells with your information. You MUST complete a volunteer consent form (linked in the sign-up sheet) prior to each activity in order to participate. You cannot participate until state coordinators reach out to confirm. (4) If you are approved, state coordinators will link you to the corresponding institution/ organization via email, after which the institution/ organization will be responsible for any further communication and coordination with you.  
CANCELLATIONS & NO-SHOWS. If you can no longer attend a volunteering event for which you signed up, please immediate remove your information from the cells and, if you received a confirmation email, alert the organization to your absence. If you fail to attend a volunteer event without proper notice, you may no longer be allowed to volunteer through NSRN. 
OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Please note that you may not receive an email from your state coordinator(s) until 24 hours before the event. If you do not see an opportunity available in your area, please note that all current opportunities are posted on the sheet. However, new opportunities are being added daily, so please continue checking. 
SAFETY REMINDER.  The vast majority of opportunities will be non-clinical in nature, and these details will be made clear in the sign-ups. All parties are expected to perform due diligence before assigning or accepting any clinical responsibilities. Further, students should exercise good judgement and not perform volunteer work without all necessary PPE. Students and host organizations assume all risks for any injuries related to their participation. Click HERE for our full disclaimer and HERE for our volunteer consent form. 
HAVE OTHER VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES IN MIND?  If there is a department or organization you would like to see us collaborate with, please fill out THIS FORM, and we will do our best to get in touch!
SEND US YOUR NSRN PHOTOS! We invite you to take HIPPAA-compliant photos of you and your fellow NSRN volunteers (ref. consent form). DM us on Instagram and/or Twitter with your name(s) and a photo description for a chance to be featured!  
VOLUNTEERING-RELATED QUESTIONS. If you have any questions, comments and/or concerns about volunteering activities, please contact your state and/or regional coordinators listed below (also found on our "TEAM" page).

Thank You

We will be in touch as soon as possible.


For all media inquiries, please contact



07 MAY 2020

We are proud to announce that NSRN is an official AAMC iCollaborate feature. Click here to see our official posting on the AAMC website.



CNN Go There21 MAY 2020Watch HereNSRN Founder Jalen Benson shares about our ongoing efforts as he volunteers himself with drive-through COVID-19 testing.
NBC 10 BOSTON10 MAY 2020Watch HereNSRN regional coordinator Jasmine Gale and state coordinators representing the New England region share about PPE deliveries through NSRN.
KMBC NEWS 910 MAY 2020Watch HereNSRN State Coordinator Marissa Jones shares about her experience serving with NSRN.
NJ.COM29 MAY 2020Read HereNSRN State Coordinators Akarsh Sharma and Ayush Parikh speak with about serving their local communities away from their medical school institutions.
NACCHO20 MAY 2020Read HereThe National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) shares NSRN's mission through COVID-19.
EXPONENT PHILANTHROPY08 MAY 2020Read HereNSRN Founder Jalen Benson discusses how NSRN came to be.


Our Partners

In addition to the vast array of hospitals, institutions and organizations we are honored to serve, we are thrilled to work closely with with the amazing organizations below to address community needs. Meet our partners!

Interested in partnering with us? Contact Us!

Tulip Logistics

Miami Med COVID Help (MMHC)

Medical Supply Drive Coalition

Students Assist America

COVID-19 National Scientist Volunteer Database

Medical Support Personnel Boston


COVID-19 Student Response

OLi Health Magazine

Oli Health Magazine is an International Scientific Research Academy, a non-profit and voluntary international organization which is designed to empower, educate and support people especially youths to take better care of themselves and create a more healthy world.

In its project of Coronavirus Global Awareness, Oli Health Magazine is currently collaborating with Harvard Medical Students to provide accessible, evidence-based COVID19 factual information in many languages, vetted by physicians, professors and other professional health providers worldwide.


#StudentsAgainstCOVID is a global grassroots movement that aims to bring students and allies together to create a common platform to share ideas, brainstorm together, & collaborate if possible during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Volunteers hail from 60+ countries and come from diverse backgrounds to help further #StudentsAgainstCOVID's mission in various capacities, such as partaking in 25+ active initiatives. Click here to learn about the many different ways to join and support the movement as well as consider signing up as a volunteer here.


*Students vs Pandemics is a catalyst network solving time-sensitive humanitarian crises by empowering rising leaders and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. We are a group of grad and undergrad students overcoming traditional academic silos to address complex, real world challenges that require intersectoral, interdisciplinary innovation. Founded to tackle COVID-19, SvP has shared health education material, resources for students, and opportunities to serve our greater community, written policy memos for state legislators, organized donation drives, and launched other initiatives.

Founded at Harvard University, SvP gained over 100 members within a week of its launch and has now reached almost 400 students as we build a movement at universities across the nation.


*Welcome to TEDxYouth@Berwyn! We are a licensed, youth-run TEDx event working to bring together the future generation to be the leaders of change and innovation in local and worldwide issues. Through one-day conferences, we take distinguished speakers from around the country to speak on the topic of “Pushing Forward”, our theme for the 2020 year. Due to COVID-19, we were forced to cancel our March conference, but are still determined to follow through on our goal of Pushing Forward. In order to do our part in uplifting this community, we are partnering with organizations around the country to raise awareness and funds for the growing PPE need in frontline settings.

We are here to support the whole community during these unprecedented times. To help individuals and families navigate quarantine and lifestyle changes caused